My name is Kelly Larson. I look forward to the times I have with others teaching essential oils and providing EOS Aura healings or AromaTouch Therapy. These things are as therapeutic to me as my clients.  I have been working with essential oils for over 10 years, but with my now peferred and trusted source for almost 5. It is important to me to totally trust the products I work with, so that you also feel safe with them.  I developed the Eos Aura Healing process I use a little over a year ago (fall of 2015) and love that I can help others release negativity and grow from this process.

  • I work with the medium of essential oils in all of my Eos Aura Healing and Empathic services.

  • I am an essential oil Wellness Advocate, certified in the Aroma Touch Technique.

  • As a ULC Minister/Spiritual Healer registered in the state of Minnesota I can perform legalized wedding ceremonies.

  • I am an empath which allows me to better understand your emotional state during readings and healings.

Kelly Larson Spiritual Healer

Kelly Larson 

Spiritual Healer, Essential Oil Consultant, Photographer &  Minister



Katey Lunden

Psychic Tarot Reader

I can certainly attest that the healing Kelly Larson gave to me a few weks ago was, and still is, very the knee of all places. smile emoticon and just a feeling of well being."

Katey Lunden


Cristen Hinz


"The bath bomb was amazing. I love love loved it. The scent was super strong and very nice, and I no longer feel deprived of all moisture in my skin. It's a total home run!!"


Leigh Cohen Wyatt

Owner of Enlighten Guidence, Esprit Delivered, Faery House & Best Minnesota Psychics

​Psychic Medium, Life Coach​, Voted to Top 50 Psychics: & Mediums in 2016

"Kelly Larson has been an essential part of my business for over 4 years,she is the only MLM distributor I will work with. Her knowledge and expertise is far superior to anyone else I have met. Through out our time together, Kelly has managed to create a number of unique modalities within her skill set, to which are all integrated with her work with essential oils. She truly embodies the art of healer and insight."