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A new way to create bath salts and bath bombs, a new way to look at nature and beauty. Eos and Eir and Twisted Nature Creations are all about letting go of the negative and embracing the positive.

Each custom blended PendulSalt and Pendulbomb (bath salts and bath bomb) formulation is made only from the best essential oils and ingredients. They are created with your moods in mind. Each formula has a specific intent in mind to enhance your bath experience through relaxation, releasing of negative energy, clearing energetic sludge, let go of emotions that are no longer needed or enhance the ones that make you joyful, clear chakra's or maybe even let go of 2020. You are in charge of your experience through selection of the formula you are ready to encounter. 

The Twisted Nature Creations Collection is about finding beauty from a different perspective. It is looking at nature, life and objects from the dark side, a twisted side, fantasy and my side finding something inspirational and motivational. Finding beauty wear others may miss it, something that makes life beautiful and worth living.

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