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House Blessing

A house blessings intent is to create a warm and loving space.

  • 2 hr
  • Starting at $125
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

From the moment you walk through the door, you can feel it. Something's just not right. The energy is heavy, stagnant. You get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and a headache starts to throb at your temples. It's like the life has been sucked out of the place. If this sounds familiar, you may benefit from having your home cleared of negative energy. I use a variety of methods to cleanse and bless homes, including essential oils, incense, holy water, and working with residents' guides and totems. I also work with my own guides and totems, as well as universal powers for healing and clearing. Depending on the needs of the space, I will blend different styles of home clearing/blessing. This way, you can rest assured that your home is free of negative energy and filled with only good vibes. A house blessing is an ancient tradition that has been practiced in cultures all over the world. The intent is to create a warm and loving space to live in, play in and work in. With a focus on removing residual and negative energies, I create a healing space that invites love, abundance and healthy energy. These boundaries created can only be broken by invitation from a resident living in the space. Invitation can happen by a fleeting thought or vocal invite, so you may need to refresh your space occasionally with another blessing. By honoring this tradition, we can create sacred spaces that nurture our bodies, minds and spirits. When you purchase a home, it is important to ensure that the space is clean and free of negative energy. A house blessing and cleansing can help to remove any residual negativity from previous occupants and create a fresh start for your family. The ceremony can also involve the closing of portals and the sealing of doorways and reflective surfaces. This helps to protect your home from outside influences and create a safe haven for your family. In addition, a house blessing can help to heal the Auric energies of the house, land and household items. This helps to create a space that is conducive to healing and creates a powerful foundation for your family. Lastly, the blessing can be used to establish the space as a healing sanctuary. This helps to promote love, healing and abundance in your home. Help me tune into your space and provide time and price estimates.

Contact Details

+ US612-598-2802

Eos & Eir LLC, Jefferson Street South, Shakopee, MN, USA

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