Eos Aura Healing is an Energy Healing Process

Kelly Larson has developed a process that combines the emotional and therapeutic healing properties of essential oils, with the amplification of crystal healing energy and the assistance of your guides and totems to help realign your aura energy, heal aura fractures and remove negative energies and attachments in her  Eos Aura Healing Service.

Get the GIST (Guided Interactive Soul Tour)

This Guided Interactive Soul Tour is available only with the 7 doorways of the Crystal Doorway Healing Room. This is no extra charge for those of you ready for a more in-depth healing. It is adding to the Eos Aura Healing a guided meditation with interactive feedback, that allows your soul to explore the doorways and discover what you need to know or learn. This is available only with the 45 min or longer sessions.

How Did Covid Affect Your Emotions?

Many people are looking for outlets to release stress or reconnect to their inner self. Covid has been hard on all of us. We are slowly learning to cope. One method that can assist is Guided Interactive Soul Tour. This is a guided meditation using one of the 7 doorways of the Crystal Doorway Healing Room in conjunction with the Eos Aura Healing process.

We will work on realigning your aura for a more consistent and positive energy flow. while removing negative attachments. While simultaneously, using a interactive meditation that guides your mind and soul through what it needs to release or learn at that time.

Crystal Doorway Healing Room Tour

An Interview with Kelly Larson

A Taste of Twisted Nature

The Eos & Eir Twisted Nature Creations Photo collection has a variety of art from customized composites and fractals to water, landscape, flowers and interesting things.​

Each piece can be purchased as a photo only by selecting the framed option and then select no frame. You can also choose your frame with matt or go with a variety of other formats like wood, acrylic or metal prints.​

Most items are also available in a variety of household items like shower curtains, duvet, or pillow. Or you can get puzzles, coffee cups or even a Journal or yoga mat. Each of these items allows for minor customization to make this just the way you want. Crop or make larger to fit your needs and personality.