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A house blessings intent is to create a warm and loving space to live in, play in and work in. With a focus on removing residual and negative energies, I create a healing space that invites love, abundance and healthy energy. These boundaries created can only be broken by invitation from a resident living in the space. Invitation can happen by a fleeting thought or vocal invite, so you may need to refresh your space occasionally with another blessing.

  • Includes removal of residual and negative energies and entities.

  • Closing of portals.

  • Sealing of all doorways and reflective surfaces.

  • Healing of Auric energies of the house, land and household items.

  • Establishing the space as a healing sanctuary.

  • Blessing for love, healing and exchange of abundance for acts of goodwill.

Each home is unique in its needs and may use essential oils or incense, holy water, work with residents’ guides and totems, work with my guides and totems, work with universal powers for healing and clearing. I blend a variety of home clearing/blessing styles and will individualize the application based on the spaces needs.​

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